3 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Bathroom Cleaner and Tidier

Whether your child has an en-suite or all your children share a bathroom just for them, keeping kids bathrooms clean can be a nightmare for parents. If you're sick of all the dirt and disorder, here are 3 ways you can help keep things clean and tidy. 

Install a Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity (a bathroom cabinet topped with a sink) can solve multiple tidiness problems in a child's bathroom. For starters, it gives you more storage for your child's bathroom essentials, preventing clutter from accumulating around the sink, bath or even floor. This is especially important in small bathrooms or bathrooms shared by multiple children. With more storage, you can also keep often-replaced items like towels and toilet rolls within your children's reach so they can learn to switch them out themselves.

Secondly, the storage in a bathroom vanity is hidden by cabinet doors. Hidden storage is a great way to solve the frustration many parents feel when their children struggle to make the bathroom look presentable. Give your child a toiletry basket to put in the vanity, and they can fill it as haphazardly as they want without it being an unsightly eyesore.

Aside from keeping the room tidy, a vanity also doubles up as a safety feature. Install a lock on one of the cabinet doors, and use that section for things you don't want your child to touch without your permission, like electronic devices or medicines.

Buy Child-Safe Cleaning Products

One of the difficulties in keeping a child's bathroom spotless is finding the time to clean it. Why not save yourself some time by teaching your child the basics of bathroom cleaning? While cleaning is viewed as an inherently unsafe chore for children, there's no reason it needs to be if you use child-safe products. Invest in some specially formulated, natural cleaning sprays or wipes, or learn how to make your own with safe ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. 

Then, based on your child's age, find some simple tasks they can do without your help. This could include cleaning the bath or spritzing the shower after use, wiping down the mirror and cabinets, emptying the wastebasket, and mopping the floor. If you have one child, assign them a manageable amount of chores. For multiple children, you can set up a chore wheel or chart and get them to handle all the small cleaning tasks. Then you only need to make time for a deep clean every week or so, ensuring that the bathroom doesn't end up messy because of your tight schedule.

Invest in Easy-Clean Furnishings

Many products that stay pretty and pristine in adult bathrooms can end up dirty and unsightly in a child's bathroom. Kids make more mess, so it makes sense that their bathroom furnishings and fixtures should be as easy to clean as possible. When shopping for your child's bathroom, try to think less about style and more about time-saving, stress-reducing functionality.

Bathroom rugs, for example, should be machine-washable--especially in a small bathroom where a mat could be the victim of toilet spills. Likewise, the ideal bath or shower curtain is antibacterial and mould resistant, as children often struggle to keep them free of mildew and excess moisture.

Toilets are another fixture that get dirty too quickly in children's bathrooms. Fully detachable toilet seats are easy to disinfect and could shave hours off your cleaning time. If you're really committed to easy-clean furnishing, you could even have a self-cleaning toilet installed.

Finally, the next time you decide to remodel your bathroom, keeping cleaning at the forefront of your mind when deciding on a design. Opt away from tiles so you don't have to scrub grout, and choose wall-mounted faucets and toilets to prevent dirt and gunk accumulation.