How to Reduce Static Electricity Effects On Blinds

Static electricity can cause the blinds in your home to attract more dust and trigger respiratory problems, such as worsening allergy attacks. Several measures are available to keep static electricity and dust minimal on your blinds. This article discusses some of the helpful measures.

Select Blinds Carefully

The first step towards reducing the effects of static electricity and dust is by paying some attention to the blinds that you buy and install in your home. Select blinds that are described as having anti-static properties. For example, some manufacturers of faux wood window treatments design them to inhibit the formation of static electricity. Installing such blinds will reduce the amount of dust that will stick onto the blinds since there will be less static electricity to form a bond between the blind and dust particles.

Make a Dust Repellent Spray

How can you limit the accumulation of dust in case you already have blinds that weren't made to minimise the formation of static electricity? You can make a concoction to repel any dust that is likely to collect on the blinds. All you need for this mixture is water and a fabric softener. For this formulation to work, you will need to use water that is four times the quantity of the fabric softener that you intend to use. For example, use four cups of water for each cup of fabric softener that you want to use. Mix these two items thoroughly and put the mixture in a spray bottle. You can then spray that mixture onto any soft cloth that you are going to use to wipe the blinds. The fabric softener solution will repel the dust which would have collected on the blinds.

Treat Dust Clothes

You could also consider having specially treated dust clothes that you use to wipe the blinds frequently. For this, you will need turpentine, dish soap, and hot water. Add two teaspoons of turpentine and a squirt of liquid dish soap to about half a gallon of hot water. Dip lint-free clothes into this mixture and leave those clothes in there for 8-10 hours. Remove the clothes and allow them to air-dry. Alternatively, a mixture of lemon oil and hot water can serve the same role. Use water that is twice the amount of lemon oil when making this solution. Dip the lint-free clothes into this mixture and remove them for air-drying. Store the dry clothes inside an airtight container. Wipe the blinds using such clothes to keep static electricity and dust off.