Dispelling The Mystery Of What Timber-Like Desks Are Made From

If you're looking for a timber-like study desk, as well as seeing the diverse styles, you've probably also noticed the different materials they're constructed from. MDF, particle board, plywood and laminated wood, what do all these terms mean? Knowledge is power, so here is some information to dispel any mystery.  Particleboard And MDF Basically, particle board and MDF (medium density fibreboard) derive from timber byproducts. At the sawmill, the process of cutting timber from a tree log produces leftovers such as wood chips, shavings and sawdust. Read More 

What to Consider When Choosing the Fabric of Your Window Blinds

Fabric blinds are a practical and decorative addition to any home interiors. Like other types of window blinds available in the market, they regulate the amount of sunlight entering a room, provide privacy when needed, and make living spaces look stylish. However, they are not all made of the same fabric.  There's an impressive selection of blind fabrics available in the market today. It's important to ensure you select the right blind fabric in order to make your living space feel complete. Read More 

A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing Window Shutters

There are limitless options when it comes to window dressing solutions.  However, window shutters tend to be a more popular option amongst homeowners compared to curtains and blinds. That's because they are sturdier, more durable and come in a wider range of materials, styles and finishes.  However, if it's your first time in the market for window shutters, finding something that will work for your home can be quite challenging. That's because there are multiple options to choose from and to narrow them down, you have to make a few careful considerations. Read More 

Tips on cleaning and maintaining your Venetian outdoor blinds

Venetian blinds are perfect for outdoor living spaces. They are ideal for patios, porches and other outdoor spaces which need to have light during the day, but can be turned into rooms with complete privacy in the night. However, if you want the outdoor blinds you have installed to give you many years of service, you have to apply reliable maintenance methods. Here are some tips and guidelines, which you will find very useful. Read More 

How to Dress Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Not all Australian homes have floor-to-ceiling windows in them, but those with conservatories or glazed patio doors often do. In addition, converted apartments will frequently have these sort of window features which allow plenty of light to come flooding in. The problem with glazing that reaches to the ceiling and to the floor - or very close to them - is that they are hard to dress in a way that looks smart and attractive on the eye. Read More